This module will expand on web testing fundamentals and delve into advanced web testing topics such as WebDriver waits, expected conditions, window handling, and the page object pattern. In addition, you will be introduced to algorithms with lessons on algorithmic problem-solving techniques and string manipulation. The fundamentals of behavior-driven development, including features, scenarios, and steps. After this, you will see the defect management and how to use tools such as Excel, SharePoint to document it and tracked it to ensure it gets resolved before launching it to the end-users. We choose our mentors from global market leaders with a rigorous selection process. Get the compatibilty of Modern Era by learning DevOps Tools like Git, Jenkins and Selenium Integration.

qa automation training

Automated testing is the process of testing the software application, codes, classes, libraries, or modules. This reduces the manual effort to test software and also saves time and errors. In summary, Test Automation is important across industries because it helps to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and quality of software testing. It also helps organizations to reduce costs, improve the user experience, and gain a competitive edge in the market.

Why learn Software Testing certification courses?

These are extremely helpful when you need to compare the results to identify overtraining. From interns to experienced professionals, Intellipaat has helped people upskill from all backgrounds. Our learners have got placed in some of the best roles & companies along with good hikes. Within just 3 months of their training, I was able to move from L&T to CGI company with a 100% salary hike.

qa automation training

Today’s technology uses many methods to automate testing. The role of a Test Automation Engineer is critical in ensuring that software applications are thoroughly tested and meet the desired quality standards. Automated testing can significantly improve the speed and efficiency of testing, reduce the risk of human error, and enable organizations to release high-quality software more frequently. The Free class is developed to give students a detailed understanding about the Bootcamp.

Selenium Basics

You can learn Software Testing to have a good hold on automated testing. You’ll need to learn fundamental software testing and software development skills if you want to be a valuable and in-demand automation practitioner. With the increasing demand for software applications, the need for automated testing has also increased, and this trend is expected to continue in the coming years. This comprehensive curriculum covers more than 15 automation testing tools and technologies to make your profile stand out as an Automation Test Engineer.

Pay small admission fee for now, rest pay once you get high salary job as per the ISA Program. She has provided trainings to many corporates, government org. Meghana qa automation engineer training is an excellent trainer for more than 10 years on QA Manual and Automation testing. She has lot of patience and explain the concepts to trainees in a simple style.

Your careerjourney

Madhu started journey in software industry 23 years ago & he is very much dedicated toward the education of new students in the same direction.He is an awesome mentor and trainer. Here we will start introduction about the WebService and APIs and various types of Api calls and more basics about api testing. Here will learn many concepts regrading controlling the browser actions like handling element, windows, frames, waiting techniques.

  • I am 100% satisfied with the online Selenium classes and the study material.
  • Our training makes QA Automation accessible for anyone with Manual QA foundations.
  • Overall one of ht best courses to start your career in Software testing.
  • This time we will learn about Postman popular tool which we use to do manual and some level of automation of APIs.
  • If you are curious about the world of test automation and its potential to enhance development efficiency, then this self-paced program is what you need.

Certifications, typically, are proof of the enhanced prowess in the stream for which the course has been taken. Automation Testing Certifications and Courses help validate as well as enhance our technical capability in a specific vertical. In an ever-growing innovative world, QA engineering has never been easier for beginners or even those looking to update in the field.

You will learn the top-trending skills in the industry including, Junit, TestNG, Selenium, Docker, AWS CloudComputing, SQL, and Jenkins. Develop skills by practicing, latest techniques and tools to effectively test the software. There are hundreds of tools through which the automation code can be written in different programming languages.

qa automation training