However, most people are reluctant to change, especially if it requires learning a new operating procedure or workflow. So the ability to articulate the reason for the change and the ability to relate to co-workers’ needs and objections is also important. Cybersecurity bootcamps have focused curriculums on the skills, strategies, and tools that IT Security Specialists will need to protect networks and systems. Many also offer preparation for a variety of certifications that are highly-regarded in this field.

When we say accredited, we mean that official experts from our licensed organisations have evaluated and approved our training material to ensure it meets their refined standards. You will benefit from our perfected learning & development formula by enjoying support that forms the crux of our values and mission. Our TrustScore of 4.9 has remained consistent with thousands of 5-star reviews, so we’re happy to report that our customers agree. Here you will expand on not only how to design networks, but also how to configure, manage and troubleshoot them and the software and hardware that go along with networking.

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Starting as early as the 1990s, simple antivirus software like the Reaper, created by Ray Tomlinson, became necessary to protect user’s online activity. Earning the GCIH validates your understanding of offensive operations, including common attack techniques and vectors and your ability to detect, respond, and defend against attacks. The certification exam covers incident handling, computer crime investigation, hacker exploits, and hacker tools. However, gaining as much experience as possible always opens up more job opportunities, even if it is in a seemingly unrelated area. Gaining general working experience in retail, customer service, or administration can help you gain transferable skills such as IT skills, communication, and team working.

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To build your portfolio, consider working on open-source cybersecurity projects, participating in hackathons and sharing your knowledge on public platforms. You can host your projects in a private GitHub how to become a security specialist repository and grant access to hiring managers on demand. A Higher National Certification (HNC) is a Level 4 vocational qualification that takes one year to complete full time, or two years part-time.

Minimum Education

For example, The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports a 32% projected employment growth rate for information security analysts from 2022 to 2032. This title encompasses roles like cybersecurity analyst and information security specialist. This guide offers information on how to become a cybersecurity analyst, along with details on other cybersecurity roles such as information security specialist. If you’re wondering how to get into cybersecurity, read on to explore salaries, job outlooks and available certifications in the field. Aspiring security specialists should gain as much experience as possible in using SIEM, programming languages, firewalls, and threat protection software. A strong foundation of education, combined with internships and professional experience, set candidates up for success.

  • As the job title implies, cybersecurity specialists are expected to have a certain level of training and expertise that allows them to give advice and training on the latest digital best practices.
  • It is also worth exploring current apprenticeships and internships, as this is a great way to gain work experience and undertake industry certifications to progress your career.
  • A simple way of thinking about a cybersecurity specialist is someone who keeps tabs on a company’s or organization’s security while also helping other employees and teammates stay current on best practices.

A Levels will prepare you for an entry level role, a higher apprenticeship within Cyber Security or progression onto a Cyber Security undergraduate degree. Users can search for cybersecurity positions and browse listings from high-profile companies. Since most employers expect certification, the first step involves experience. Some positions may accept bootcamp graduates or self-taught workers with drive and certifications. According to a 2021 CompTIA job report, information security analyst positions were in the top ten for the most remote job listings — with about 4,400 postings.